Friday, 8 May 2015

Politics: It's Holly for Halifax!

The Labour Party held onto the key marginal seat of Halifax... but only just.

Holly Lynch held onto the seat in a close contest between herself and the Conservative Philip Allott.

Labour’s majority was reduced by 61 per cent from 1,472 votes in 2010 to 428 in 2015.

Ms Lynch was selected only six weeks prior to the election following the decision by former MP Linda Riordan to stand down.

Following the result Ms Lynch said: “Having been selected only six weeks ago, it’s been a tremendous team effort.

“I want to hit the ground running and speak to residents in every area of Halifax.

“This result could have been possible without a dedicated group of people.”

She thanked Mr Allott, describing him as a “formidable opponent” and told Gary Scott, the Green Party candidate, that she promised to be the “greenest MP Halifax has ever seen.”

The Conservatives increased their total vote share by five per cent since 2010, but this still wasn’t enough to defeat Labour.

Mr Allott said: “Obviously it’s a hugely disappointing result. We campaigned extremely hard for two years. “For various reasons we failed to connect with Park Ward as well as we could.

“Had we secured that vote it would have been a Conservative victory.”

The Liberal Democrats saw a 15.4 per cent drop in their total vote share, while UKIP saw a 11.3 per cent increase.

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