Thursday, 7 May 2015

Politics: UKIP candidate 'voting for a hung parliament'

A UKIP candidate has said a hung Parliament is what’s best for democracy.

Paul Rogan, UKIP PPC for Calder Valley, has said that the public will be better served by politicians if neither the Labour nor Conservative parties gain a majority in next week’s General Election.

“A hung Parliament is more democratic and better for long-termism,” he said.

“What you get now is a flip-flop - every time we get a change in government everything’s up in the air and everything gets turned upside-down.

“If you have a hung Parliament - or what I see as a more democratic Parliament - the civil servants, the press and the parliamentarians have to work differently,” he said.

“There’s more compromise and more negotiation - you have to work harder to reach an agreement.”

Mr Rogan explained that the current system is less representative and can give a majority party the ability to push forward legislation without negotiating with other parties.

He added that he’d like to see the voting system reformed to a form of proportional representation where voters will be able to vote for an individual to represent their constituency and cast a second vote for the party of their choice.

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