Thursday, 5 March 2015

Politics: Student voice key to Question Time debate

The head girl at Calder High School will take to the stage this evening alongside Parliamentary candidates seeking the Calder Valley seat to take part in an Education Question Time.

Penny Brown will join candidates from the Conservative, Green, Labour Liberal Democrat and UKIP parties to debate the key issues affecting the education system.

Penny said: “It is extremely important for the students to be able to voice their opinions in matters that will ultimately affect their futures.

“For me, being appointed head girl gives me a unique opportunity to represent my peers and create positive changes to improve our education experience,” she said.

The ticket-only event is being held at Calder High School in partnership with National Union of Teachers (NUT).

Anthony Guise, headteacher at Calder High School said: “It is important for us to co-host Education Question Time as we are the ones that will have to implement and enforce the policies that constitute the next Government’s vision for education across Britain.

“But before ministers plan to make any further changes to our education system, I would like to invite them to try and manage the complexities of modern headship in the state sector and experience for themselves the impact of their decisions on the life of a school and the futures of its students.”

Sue McMahon, Calderdale NUT divisional secretary, said: “Why are we co-hosting an Education Question time in the run up to the General Election at Calder High School?

“To give the electorate - in this key marginal constituency of Calder Valley, the opportunity to question the candidates on their aims for Education.

“It is important that politics is taken back to its grass roots and Education is not used as a political football.”

The candidates taking part are Conservative MP Craig Whittaker, Green PPC Jenny Shepherd, Labour PPC Josh Fenton-Glynn, Liberal Democrat PPC Alisdair McGregor and UKIP PPC Paul Rogan.

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