Friday, 2 January 2015

Reportage: Letter reveals changes to parking rules

There will be more parking restrictions in Skircoat when a new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) comes into force in May.

Parking charges were suspended in October when it was discovered an administrative error had made them unlawful.

A draft letter seen by the Courier reveals that rather than simply replacing the Skircoat TRO with the same conditions, the council intends bring in a series of new restrictions.

The letter was drafted by Geoff Willerton, head of Planning and Highways at the council, with the intention of being sent out to residents in Skircoat.

Mr Willerton wrote: “The Skircoat order will incorporate the changes that have been delayed because of the wider TRO issues, and these will include amendments to parking periods, and yellow lining to improve visibility at some junctions for example.

“It is also intended to alter parking times and the area of pay and display in Skircoat Green Road near to the shops and Post Office.

“In addition, Officers have been asked to consider an extension to the Skircoat parking order, over and above the area affected by the current issues.

“Unfortunately, this cannot be done at the same time as the rectification work now underway as it would require further consultation covering the whole area, and therefore a longer delay in putting right the problems.

“However, we will be looking at how to involve interested local residents, along with Ward Councillors, in considering the feasibility of the extension and hope to make a decision on whether or not this would be possible by the end of March.”

The TRO for Halifax town centre should be in force in February.
The TROs for the outer town centre and Skircoat are not seen as a high priority and will be in force by May.

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