Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Politics: 'Mansion tax' claims rapped by Labour

The Conservative parliamentary candidate for Halifax has been accused of being “out of touch” following claims that Halifax families will be affected by Labour’s mansion tax.

Philip Allott wrote on his Twitter page: “Labour to tax homeowners in Halifax, Northowram, Warley and Sowerby Bridge to fund NHS in Scotland.”

The tax, which will apply to houses worth more than £2 million, will not actually affect any homes in Halifax.

Mr Allott said the mansion tax would be an excuse for Labour to increase council tax.

He said: “It would just be an excuse to re-band properties - so properties in Halifax will face higher council tax bills.

“Although, in fairness, very few properties will be affected to be begin with, I see this as the start of a slippery slope rather than the end of a process - where I’m coming from is a principled point,” he said.

Labour MP for Halifax Linda Riordan said: “It’s now clear just how staggeringly out of touch the Conservative campaign is - they are out of touch with local communities, out of touch with local house values and out of touch with what matters to Halifax and Sowerby Bridge residents.

“Local people’s priorities are saving the A&E, reducing the cost of living and getting this town working again.

“There may be £2 million houses in the leafy suburbs of Harrogate, but there certainly aren’t any in Halifax,” she said.

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