Monday, 19 January 2015

Politics: A&E cut not 'ruled in or out' by Minister

Arguments over the future of Calderdale Royal Hospital and the future of A&E provision in Calderdale have mounted this week.

Labour MP for Halifax Linda Riordan raised the issue on Tuesday in the House of Commons, asking if there was any clinical reason given for the downgrading of A&E provision.

Jane Ellison, Under Secretary of State for Health told the House: “This is a locally-led process. Nothing has been ruled in or out, no decision has been made, and first and foremost comes the safety and efficacy of local health services.

“May I commend to the hon. lady the approach of her constituency neighbour, my hon. Friend the Member for Calder Valley (Craig Whittaker), who at all times has championed the best outcomes for his constituents’ health, rather than seek to make politics out of this?”

Mrs Riordan later responded to the comments, she said: “Let’s be clear, until the Government and health bosses say differently the current proposal is to close the A&E in Halifax.

"We know that because closure was the ‘preferred option’ of hospital bosses set out last year. That position has not changed.

"To say otherwise is misguided and misleading. Some clear communications from the Government, Trust and CCG would make things a bit clearer. Sadly, the sound of silence continues.”

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