Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Politics: Handling of A&E plans 'a total shambles'

Linda Riordan has struck out at health bosses, branding their handling of the restructuring of local hospital services “a total shambles”.

The Labour MP for Halifax has called for a halt to proposals which could lead to the downgrading of A&E to an emergency walk-in centre.

She has demanded a full and transparent review of local health services.

Mrs Riordan said: “The issue has now become a farce. We have the Trust saying one thing, the CCG doing another and the Government failing to deliver on its promises.

“It is little wonder that the people of Calderdale are so disgusted with what is going on. No one is taking any responsibility. The outline business case clearly sets out that the A&E in Halifax will close.

“The outline business case does not have one clinical argument in it. It was all business and finance speak. It is 200 pages long, but fails to make one effective argument as to why the A&E in Halifax should close.”

Dr Alan Brook, chair of Calderdale CCG, said: “I can’t see a future where there isn’t some sort of emergency centre in Halifax.

“The outline business case is not actually a proposal to invite rejection or acceptance - it’s a work-in-progress.The document contains some aspirations that we’ve said should be phased - so we’re focusing more on the care closer to home before addressing the in-hospital services.

“What’s described in the OBC is only a component of what the future service would look like,” he added.

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