Monday, 19 May 2014

Politics: Slow down on 20mph plans

The UK’s largest motoring organisation The AA has called for Calderdale Council to put the brakes on rolling out 20mph limits across all residential areas in Calderdale.

The call comes as the Conservative group have ‘called-in’ the proposals meaning council officers will have to scrutinise the plans in more detail and are demand wider consultation before the plans come into force.

The AA has said Calderdale Council needs to slow down and take into account the views of residents after a survey of 24,351 AA members revealed that a blanket 20mph limit was not what the public wanted.

Edmund King, president of The AA said: “The AA supports the setting up of 20mph speed limits where residents along those roads want them.

“If a blanket 20mph zone sets main roads at the lower speed, the incentive to stick to main routes and not take a short-cut along residential streets is lost.

“That is one of the reasons that, not only do 69% of AA members want a say on lower speed limits along their own streets.”

Calderdal Council’s Labour cabinet have condemned the Conservative group’s decision to ‘call-in’ the proposals.

Deputy council leader Barry Collins (Lab), said: "We're disappointed that this decision has been called-in - people want us to push ahead with 20 mph in all residential areas.

"It is the will of Calderdale," he added.

Labour council leader Tim Swift noted that the timing of the Conservatives’ move is suspect as the scrutiny panel has been booked for Wednesday, May 21 - the night before the local council elections.

He said: “The Tories are delaying this important work based on pure party politics and are hiding behind their so-called concerns about the provenance of the council consultation.

“I think with the scrutiny panel booked for the night before the election you can see why this is a party political move.”

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