Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Politics: Residents to have say on 20mph zones

Residents across Calderdale will be given a say over how 20mph speed limits will affect their local roads.

At a scrutiny meeting called-in by members of the Conservative group on Calderdale Council, Labour deputy council leader Barry Collins told the meeting that residents will be given a say over which main and trunk roads will have their speed limits reduced.

Coun Collins said: “We’ll work over next 3-4 years and consult with residents about what they see as a residential area.”

“It’s not just a matter of sticking up a few signs - it’s about residents making their own communities safer.”

The scrutiny panel was called to look at whether the consultation for the 20mph sceme was conducted properly.

However, members of the Labour cabinet were highly critical of the Conservative group for booking the panel for the night before the local election.

Of the three members of the Conservative group that requested the call-in, councillors Stephen Baines, Graham Hall and Simon Benton, only counillor Benton attended the panel.

Chair of the scrutiny panel, Coun Benton said: “We’re not making political mischief out of this.

“Cabinet have wasted time on this issue and we’ve had a little opportunity to raise concerns on preferred option.

“At no point has council demostrated a sufficient mandate to bring in this policy.”

They received further criticism for not inviting any council officers onto the panel.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group, Janet Battye, raised concerns that only 1,200 people responded to the consultation from a population of over 200,000.

Coun Collins said: “It wasn’t a large consultation, but it was an open one.”

The decision to implement the 20mph zones was passed.

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