Thursday, 3 April 2014

Reportage: Family's anguish as two pets are poisoned

A family in Elland are distraught after their two Jack Russell Terriers were killed by a suspected poisoning.

The two dogs, Laddie, three, and Leah, 10 months, swallowed what is believed to be rat poison in their back garden at Elizabeth Street.

Mother-of-three Leanne Moss said the dogs were let out into the garden before bedtime and came back in the house behaving oddly.

“Leah started blinking really fast and shaking, then Laddie started walking really stiff, so we knew there was something wrong,” she said.

“We called the vet, and before we left the house they started fitting and g being sick - I’ve got bruises all over me from where they were fitting.”

Her children Delten, six, Demi, seven, and Daniel, 10, were deeply upset when they were told about the deaths.

“It was bad enough losing two dogs at the same time, but having to tell the kids in the morning was devastating,” said Leanne.

“They’ve been crying since it happened - we can’t get over it, it’s very hard.”

Leanne believes that the dogs were poisoned deliberately and is calling for anyone with information to come forward and tell the police. She said: “I want to warn other people in the area to watch out - don’t want another family going through what we’ve been through.”

Inspector David Shaw of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have been made aware of the death of two dogs at a residential property on Elizabeth Street, Elland. An external organisation has said that the manner in which the dogs died suggest that they had been poisoned.

“We are therefore currently investigating a suspected crime of criminal damage and would appeal to anyone with information about it to contact police on 101.

“At this stage we do not believe there are any other similar cases to this in the area,” added Insp Shaw.

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