Friday, 18 April 2014

Reportage: Around the corner - our five generations

Five generations of the same family live within a stone’s throw of each other at Copley, Halifax.

Jenna Holden, 27, and husband Dale welcomed 7lb 7oz Maizie Marie earlier this year.

The couple will not be short of babysitters, with four other generations of family to call on all living within yards of their front door.

Jenna, Dale and Maizie rent a flat in Dean Court, yards away from doting grandparents John and Paula Rae and Jenna’s 23-year-old brother Paul.

Meanwhile great-grandmother Sandra Megson, 66, and great-great-grandmother Pearl Nicherson, 93, are just across the road at Copley Mill House.

“We can look out of the window and see each other’s houses,” said Sandra. “It’s nice to be able to go for walks around the village with the pram - I’ve got three great-grandchildren, I’m so proud.”

Maizie recently turned three-months-old and has started to lift her head up and lie on her tummy.

“She’s gorgeous,” said Sandra. “She’s really beautiful. She laughs all the time - she’s a really happy baby.

“As soon as you look at her and say hello, she gives you a big beaming smile.”

The family followed Jenna who moved into a flat 10 years ago.

Grandmother Paula, said: “We wanted to be close to each other, and Copley is such a beautiful area.

“We are a close family and it’s great to be able to pop over and see mum and gran whenever I want to, as I don’t drive. I can see mum’s living room from my bedroom window. Having Jenna so close also means I can be on hand to help with the baby.”

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