Saturday, 5 April 2014

Features: M62 special report: Disruption affections businesses

Businesses in the transport sector have been feeling the impact of the last few weeks of disruption on the M62.

Haulage and coach hire firms have complained that the closure of the motorway for a prolonged period following incidents is causing delays for their customers.

Julie Jessop, director and driver at Arrow Coach Travel, Brighouse, said: “We travel to Wakefield to do school runs in the mornings and at night so we’re on the M62 most days.

“By law, we can only drive for nine hours a day, so if you’re stuck on the motorway for hours, it can limit what you can do - even if you’re not moving, you’re not classed as at rest while you’ve got passengers on board.

“The issue’s not only getting the children dropped off on time, but getting the drivers back in time for their next job.

“When our vehicles get stuck, it causes all manner of back office problems for us and has a knock-on effect to later jobs - this creates a lot of uncertainty for drivers and customers.”

Chris Shaw, operations manager at Collett Group, Halifax, said the problems on the M62 are just a snapshot of a nationwide problem.

“Our lads have Sat-Navs in their trucks, so they can usually find alternative routes around incidents,” he said.

“The trouble comes when it’s a new incident, and nothing’s been put up on the internet - they get caught up in the middle of it and get delayed - our concern is its effect on the customers when our deliveries are delayed.”

When an accident does occur on the M62, it results in congestion in the surrounding areas.

Paul Lisle, of Halifax Coaches, said: “We have two coaches that do local school contracts. When the M62 was closed a few weeks ago, we did a school trip between Sowerby Bridge and Hipperholme and Lightcliffe.

“Because we went by Elland we got caught up in the all the diverted traffic - it added an extra half hour on to what should have been a 40 minute journey.”

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