Friday, 18 April 2014

Business: 120 jobs boost at Halifax insurers

A booming insurance firm in Halifax has created 40 new jobs and plans to recruit up to 80 more over the next 18 months.

Covéa Insurance has opened a new department at its office at Blackwall to deal with household insurance claims.

The new staff started work this week after an eight-week training programme.

“We’ve got a really good mix of people on the team,” said manager Kelly Morris. “They’ve been trained in the technical and legal side of home claims, so it’s really paid off - they’re starting the role very confidently.”

The group hope to expand their business and plan to employ a further 80 staff at their new offices at Dean Clough.

“We’re branching out,” said claims director Adrian Furness. “We’re looking to launch a ‘direct’ arm, so we’ll be looking to recruit a sizeable sales force in Halifax.”

Covéa, the largest mutual insurer in Europe and in the UK, is a merger between Reading-based firm MMA and Halifax-based Provident.

“We’re proud of our Halifax tradition and that’s something we want to keep going,” said Adrian. “Despite being part of Covéa, we’re all about supporting the local community.”

He said Covéa is committed to developing the skills of younger people in Halifax and currently operate an apprenticeship scheme through Calderdale College.

“We set that up a couple of years ago and it’s been brilliant - the success rate has been amazing,” he said. “It’s been working well and we’re really keen to keep that going.”

He added that one of Covéa’s core values was its commitment to the local community.

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