Sunday, 2 February 2014

Reportage: Pudding champ set for BBC

UK Yorkshire Pudding Champion Chris Blackburn will be serving up his prize-winning Yorkshire Puddings on BBC’s Mary Berry Cooks whch airs in March.

Filmed at The Fleece in Barkisland last October, Mr Blackburn put together a special three-course Yorkshire Pudding menu for the show.

“Some of the dishes were quite wacky,” said Chris.

“We made a rhubarb and custard Yorkshire Pudding - Mary Berry had never seen anything like it, but she was straight into it.”

Although Chris prefers his Yorkshire Puddings served with roast beef and crispy roast potatoes, he loves trying out unusual combinations.

“I’ve tried it with all sorts of things. I’ve tried then with Mars Bars, salted caramel, cherries and almonds, duck in hoisin sauce - you name it, I’ve done it,” he said.

This Sunday is Yorkshire Pudding Day and Chris believes that they are best when made from scratch.

He said: “I speak to so many people about Yorkshire Puddings and the majority of people tell me that they buy the frozen variety - it’s really sad.”

The secret to the perfect Yorkshire Pudding, according to Chris, is to use good quality beef dripping.

“With just flour, milk, salt and pepper, there’s not much flavour in there,” said Chris.

“You need something with some real flavour to give it a kick - that’s what the beef dripping ultimately does.”

For vegetarians, Chris recommends using rapeseed oil.

This article was published the Halifax Courier on January 30, 2014.

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