Saturday, 25 January 2014

Music: Interview with Scoobius Pip

Combining electronic beats, dance hooks and a punk attitude with a mixture of spoken, rapped and sung vocals, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip are a group that resist being pigeon-holed.

“We’re always had a really varied fan base,” says David ‘Pip’ Meads. “We’ll get hip-hop heads and metal kids, and you have people coming at it from the spoken word side and then some of the more dancier types.”

Meads has gained a reputation for his startling and honest lyrics which starkly shine a light on areas seldom discussed in popular music including difficult subjects like self-harm, terminal illness and domestic abuse. 
“There’s an excitement about talking about things that aren’t generally discussed in music,” he says.

“I tend to find dark subject matters more interesting because when we’re happy in life we do what we what can to remain in that place for as long as we can, but when 
we’re sad or down or angry we try to get out of that place as quickly as we can – in music this has been quite unexplored.

The duo work with a 
strict division of labour – Dan Le Sac writes the music and Scroobius Pip writes the words.

“There’s a huge level of respect for what each of 
us does,” Meads says. “We might make suggestions for 
tweaks, but he knows that my part of it is the lyrics and his part is making amazing 

From their earliest shows, the duo put everything into producing an intense performance that set 
them apart from other 
hip-hop acts.

“When we first came out, a lot of acts that came under the loose term of hip-hop didn’t tend to be that good live – you go to a show and you’d just have some dude stood there rapping.

“I grew up in punk bands and going to punk and hardcore gigs, so from day one we had far more energy than people might expect."

This article was published by Yorkshire Evening Post on January 23 and Metro on January 24.

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