Friday, 8 November 2013

Reportage: Young film-maker set for international recognition

Daniel Whitaker
A 17-year-old Agbrigg film-maker has reached the finals of an international film competition with a comedy sketch about climate change.

Daniel Whitaker was one of 14 people to be selected from 567 film proposals as a finalist for this year's TVE BioMovies competition.

The competition asked film-makers to come up with a film about climate change of no more than one minute in duration.

Finalists were selected from around the world and include film-makters from Bolivia, Cameroun, Portugal, Slovakia, and America, and range in age from 15 to 39.

All of the films will be screened an the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, Poland, on November 11 with the winner of a $1,500 (£939) prize being announced on December 19.

Daniel said: ““It would mean quite a lot to me if I won because it's good to have recognition for something that I'm so passionate about – it would be a nice boost.

“I came up with idea of doing a sketch about extinction – I thought it could be a bit of challenge to make it funny, but with a serious point.

“It's set in the near-future, and the ozone layer has disappeared.

“Everyone's too engrossed in their phones and tablets and on social media to notice that they're all slowly choking to death.

“There's this one girl who notices. She tells her brother that she believes that we're going to end up extinct like the dinosaurs. He pretends to be a dinosaur and eventually dies – it's funnier than it sounds,” he added.

Daniel currently attends New College, Pontefract, studying Media, Drama and Photography.

He hopes to attend university to study media with the aim of becoming a film-maker.

Daniel's mother, Karen Else, said: “We're really proud of what Daniel's done.He's done something creative that uses his skills to raise a serious issue.”

This article was published by the Wakefield Express on November 8, 2013.

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