Friday, 8 November 2013

Reportage: Woman loses eight stone after health warning

A Wakefield woman has lost eight stone after being told she had five years to live if she didn't lose weight.

Marie Woodward, 41, a mother of three from Hall Green, made changes to her eating habits after turning down a gastric bypass operation offered by doctors.

At five feet tall, Marie weighed 21 stone – today she weighs 12.

Marie said: “I couldn't fasten my shoelaces, I couldn't have a bath, I couldn't walk without my back hurting – it was awful.

“I was depressed – I was down in the dumps. But since the weight-loss, my life's been brilliant – I can't believe the difference.” she added.

After attending a local slimming group, Marie changed her habits and improved her lifestyle.

She went from wearing a size 32 to a size 14 in just 18 months and said she did it by grilling and oven cooking meals rather than frying them.

As well as improving her diet, Marie has taken up mountain biking, she said: “It took some doing to get get fit, but I love it. I go off-roading with my husband Dean around the Pennine Trail around Wakefield.

“You'd have never got my on a bike two years ago,” she added.

The weight-loss has been a great relief to Marie's three children George, 13, Megan, 15, and Lauren, 16.

She said: “My youngest daughter is so relieved I've done it, she said 'mum, I thought you were going to die'.”

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