Monday, 26 August 2013

Music: Interview with Crocodiles

Rock band Crocodiles return to Leeds for the first time in over three years to play a headline set at Brudenell Social Club.

The San Diego-based group has released four albums and will be performing music from their new album Crimes of Passion.

Formed in 2008, Crocodiles comprise vocalist and guitarist Brandon Welchez, guitarist Charles Rowell, bassist Marco Gonzalez, and keybrdist Robin Eisenberg.

“We’re a dirty rock and roll band,” says guitarist Charlie Rowell. “We play loud free-wheelin’ rock songs with a pop sensibility.”

Crocodiles’ sound makes a nod towards bands like Jesus and Mary Chain with sugary pop melodies drenched in feedback and guitar fuzz.

“We’re into Motown and Stax, and some the groups that pushed that sound further into the rock genre – bands like the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth,” says Charlie.

Their sound has seen them gain support in mainland Europe, but they are still looking to build up a reputation in the UK.

“We do really well in France, Italy and Spain – we’ve a lot of national TV coverage out there and get to play some really big venues. We’re looking forward to going back to some small clubs like the Brudenell,” says Charlie.

Their latest album is probably their most polished to date, with the band taking a broader variety of influences and sounds.

“The album features more horns than we’ve ever used before,” says Charlie. “As an album, it’s definitely my favourite. I feel like with graduated to another level in terms of our song-writing. It’s certainly the most cohesive album we’ve written. It sounds great and we’re all really pleased with it.

“It’s the first album we’ve done that really highlights our pop sensibilities – but it’s still quite noisy. We like to bracket the pop with a cacophony.”

The band are proud of their rock and roll antics and have been known to exact revenge while on tour to bands that have crossed them.

“The singer and I have been writing in bands for about 12 years now, so we’ve been in quite a lot of rock and roll situations,” says Charlie. “We were the support for a popular UK band who I won’t name. One of the guys in the band was a piece of work.

“We peed in his whiskey and when he came off stage after rocking the crowd and drank all of our urine. When we see him on the TV and in magazines, we just laugh.”

Crocodiles will be playing at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, on August 27.

This article was originally published by the Metro.

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