Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: Bosnian Rainbows @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, August 14.

Bosnian Rainbows, the new project from Mars Volta guitarist and spiritual leader Omar Rodríguez-López, took to the stage at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Ciub.

Performing tracks from their self-titled debut album, the show kicked off with the jaw-dropping rendition of Eli – a dark and brooding number that leaned more towards some of Nine Inch Nails’ more introspective moments than the sonic barrage associated with Rodríguez-López’s other projects.

Vocalist Teri Gender Bender (her stage name, apparently) stalked around the stage, reminiscent of some of Iggy Pop’s more intense performances. Although the delivery was excellent, and her stage presence mesmerizing, it soon became clear that the band had peaked with their opener.

Much of their music is what Bat for Lashes might sound like if they spent a lot of time in Mexico – the Latino influence was plain, but there was something about the music that didn’t quite work in a live setting.

The set felt like a group of incredibly talented musicians going through the motions of being a young, cool, rock band. But with the venue less than half-full, the band struggled to connect with the crowd.

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