Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Music: My Bloody Valentine – m b v: did the album meet your expectations?

It's been four months since release of the long-awaited follow-up to Loveless. Are you still listening to it now the initial excitement has passed?

After the initial excitement that marked the release of My Bloody Valentine's m b v, it was difficult for fans not be swept along by the surrounding hype.

Four months have passed since its release, so we asked readers whether they're still listening to the album, and what they make of it now. Here's a handful of the responses we received – but what do you think?

"Let the noise engulf you"

"If ever there's been an album that isn't suitable for background listening, it's this one. It's undoubtedly a challenge, but to get the most from m b v you have to almost numb yourself and let the noise engulf you." Edwin Gilson

"The album didn't impress me at first, but it has proven to be a grower. I think m b v manages to be both artful and challenging on the one hand and catchy and dynamic on the other." Mads Kjær Larsen

"It's a full on record and definitely doesn't warrant regular rotation on the train. It's a listening album – if you don't lose yourself in it then it's not for you." Rupert Parrott

"Subtle and elaborate"

"The first three songs are the most subtle and (almost inaudibly) elaborate that Kevin Shields has ever done." Daniel Cruickshank

"Some elements of the album scream cliché, particularly the first third, but the delicate, almost subtle, experimentation on the album, and how it progresses from track to track, perfectly demonstrates Kevin Shields' expertise." Martie Donohoe

"If it comes up on my shuffle, I don't turn it off – but I don't seek it out in the same way I return to Loveless or Isn't Anything." John L. Micek

"I lost interest pretty quick"

"The hubbub and hoopla of it's release was a lot of fun, but after a several listens around that time, I lost interest pretty quick. For me, the album doesn't make for a casual listen considering those last two tracks." Steven Carl Farrell

"Some tracks are incredible, but it doesn't have the magic of Loveless. But then, what else really does?" Chris

"They're one of my favourite bands of all time but m b v simply doesn't bear comparison to the band's output at their peak. Only New You would merit a place on a best of, and the more far-out tracks towards the end may be the least appealing stuff they've brought out." Cafiend

"When Loveless was first released, I played it to death; in comparison I've played mbv maybe half a dozen times. Loveless was some kind of genius – mbv is simply reheated genius 20 years too late." Chip Smith

This is article was originally published by The Guardian on June 25m 2013.

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