Saturday, 15 September 2012

Music: Keep or Cull No.7: Atlas Sound - Parallax (2011)

There are some albums that are just perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, and Atlas Sound’s 2011 album Parallax is one such CD. I was having one of those lazy Sunday afternoons myself yesterday, relaxing at home with my wife, reading the Sunday paper, playing a bit of Limbo on the X-Box, and taking my guide dog Watson to our local park for a well-earned run.

My wife and I were laughing uproariously at Stewart Lee’s hilarious piece of satire in the Observer about a poo that looked like Tony Blair. The poo would keep popping back up when you thought it had been flushed away; there wasn’t just one of these poos, but at least half a dozen, all bobbing around the toilets of senior Labour ministers, but no one really knew where they had came from. What set us off the most was the image of Ed Balls calling in John Prescott to his private office toilet in order to break up one of the poos with a “really fast wee”. I’m comfortable with the fact that I enjoy the occasional bit of toilet-based satire. It’s fine.

An extended scatological metaphor wouldn’t work for Parallax though, because this is a great album and it just wouldn’t feel right to use poo as a humorous device when discussing this album. Also, the fact I’ve brought the subject of poo into the discussion shouldn’t be read as a reflection of how I feel about Altas Sound’s sole member Bradford Cox or his work. If anything, Parallax is the opposite of poo (no, not wee), in that it is fulfilling and adds musical sustenance to what could otherwise be a drab and unhealthy diet. ...

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