Friday, 7 September 2012

Music: Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson album review

Over fifteen years since Suede burst on the UK indie scene with their debut single The Drowners, frontman Brett Anderson releases his first solo album, the imaginatively titled Brett Anderson. The album begins pretty much where Suede's final album A New Morning left off, with a song that is instantly forgettable. Gone are the days of overdriven guitars and songs about suburban seediness and sexual ambiguity. The songs on the album that try to sound edgy fail miserably, relying on cliché and cheesy lines that haven't developed in style or tone since the mid-nineties. Lines such as "our love is like an overdose" and "I am the needle, you are the vain", cast a dark cloud over a lyricist, who in his day, was as vital as Morrissey was in the early eighties. This is not an album that will win Brett Anderson any new fans. There are no tracks that particularly stand out on this album, but then, there are no tracks that are particularly awful either. What we have is a mediocre effort from someone who has long since passed their prime, a depressing footnote to a band who, in the early nineties, were one of the most relevant and exciting bands to come out of the UK.

This article was originally published on Leeds Music Scene in 2007.

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