Thursday, 13 September 2012

Music: Keep or Cull No.3: Archive - Take my Head (1999)

My wife described the 1999 album ‘Take My Head’ by Archive as “a big pile of bum” – she was right, this album really is a big pile of bum. I’m pretty sure I must have picked this one up at one of Manchester’s finest music shops, Vinyl Exchange, in one of their random bags of CDs for £5 that they used to do. I figured that £5 for a bag of about 30 CDs was a low-risk/high-reward gamble which did indeed pay off. There were some half-decent CDs in there: a Brendan Benson EP; a Tom McRae album; a 50 Cent mix-tape with a bunch of hilarious skits about Ja Rule on; and a nine-track promo of The Streets’ ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’. There was also a lot of shit in there: bad local bands who’d burnt CDs, probably in the hope that Vinyl Exchange would play it over their sound system and that some record executive who happened upon the store at the moment their CD was playing and be like “wow, who are these cool cats, I must sign them immediately to a multi-million pound record contract”; a Northern Uproar album (say no more); and a promo of ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy (which I recall selling for a couple of quid on eBay, much to my shock and amusement). ...

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