Saturday, 8 September 2012

Humour: Derrida(lity) - Exposure and exploration: the Derridian Self in the post-Derridian age.

context. concept. conference. Leeds 08(?)

‘Is/can Derrida really (be) dead?’
- (De)construct(ing) Derrida(’s) death; is Derrida dead, is he really?
- George A Romero discusses his latest film ‘Night of the Living Derrida’, in which a horde of zombie attempts to (figuratively) eat our brains.
- How/what would the zombie Derrida write?

‘How I knew Derrida’
- 2000 people who met him share memories of the Derrida.
- How did you know Derrida? Share your anecdotes, the longer, the better; an adjudicator from Guiness World Records will be present.
- How do we know we knew what knowing Derrida could be and more importantly, is?
- Keynote speech by a guy who actually stood next to Derrida at a urinal.

‘Jump(ing) the Shark(?)’
- Henry Winkler chairs an extreme forum and tackling the vital and pressing question; did Derrida jump the shark, and if so how?
- Are we the shark? Is Derrida the Steven Spielberg to our ‘Jaws’, or the LL Cool J to our ‘Deep Blue Sea’?

‘Under Erasure(?)’
- What can Erasure’s musical output tell us about Derrida?
- Should we give Erasure ‘a little respect’ in light of Glas?

‘Dera; or, getting rid of ‘rid’ in Derrida’
- The name, the man, inscribed with riddance, now departed. Is it good riddance or is riddance good? Can we talk of ‘rid’?

‘What would Bon Jovi do?’
- Jon “Bon Jovi” Bon Jovi will give a keynote speech on keep(ing) the faith, living on a prayer and New Jersey after Derrida’s controversial second album, Differance When Wet.

‘(Im)possibility and/of the conference’
- Is a conference (im)possible? Judith Butler discusses the notion that a conference on Derrida is an impossibility.

‘Derrida can shove deconstruction up his (gl)as(s).’
- Glas is given a rectal examination, but who is giving it and has the speculum been sterilised?

Originally placed as a conference advert at the University of Leeds, later published in Art Fist magazine, 2008.

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