Monday, 10 September 2012

Editorial: Launch of + Interview with Daniel Johnston

Art Fist is now officially here!

After spending a few weeks uploading classics from the Art Fist archive, we now have a whole bunch of new articles from our contributors. Have a look through them, leave comments, share them with your friends and help make this a great site!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to Art Fist, both the website and the printed version. The reaction I received from people when I announced that Art Fist was back was quite overwhelming, it was great to know that there were so many fond feelings for our little magazine.

A special thanks must go out to Karim Hetherington who design the new banner logo for the website. You can look at more of Karim's work through our Artists' Showcase.

In order to make it easy to navigate the site there are a number of ‘tags’ whereby you can click a tag and read all the articles that fall under the tag. If you want to look at only the new content, click the ‘web’ tag, to look at classics from the Art Fist archive click the ‘classics’ tag.

All of the work submitted to Art Fist has been really impressive, and I hope that this continues as we expand our audience. If you feel inspired to contribute to the site, email: - the content on the site should give you an idea of the type of stuff we are interested in, but we are also interested in: music, book, exhibition, TV and film reviews; short films and video art; interviews with creative people and much more...

As a bonus, we have the first Art Fist podcast featuring an interview by Dean Ellison and myself with the artist and musician Daniel Johnston! This has never been heard before.


Jon Cronshaw

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