Saturday, 8 September 2012

Editorial: Art Fist Issue Two editorial

Oh dear, X-Factor has returned for another celebration of everything that is wrong with the music industry. With its crass commercialism and an emphasis on homogenising creativity, Simon Cowell’s hell-spawn appeals to our innate desire to see deluded fools humiliate themselves in front of millions.

What makes this show worse, however, is that during the audition period it makes for compulsive viewing. Luckily, as the competition progresses and the contestants are whittled down to those with “talent”, the show falls into the long standing tradition of Saturday night karaoke on ITV1 – at this point the show loses its grip upon me.

The format as ever is the same with the exception of Sharon Osborne, who has been replaced by Cheryl Cole/Tweedy. Cole/Tweedy spends most of her time gawping at the hopefuls, occasionally interrupting her marine-like stare to utter some of the stupidest comments that have ever graced television. There is also something incredibly disturbing about her head; her face looks as if make-up has been shot from a paintball gun onto a butterscotch coloured balloon, the result of which makes her like some kind of garish clown with radiation burns.

Welcome to Art Fist.

This article was originally published in Art Fist magazine, 2008.

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