Saturday, 8 September 2012

Editorial: Art Fist Issue One editorial

The tabloids are salivating like Pavlov’s rabid dogs, the lads’ mags are rubbing their filthy hands with the prospect of some new wank-fodder, and the population become catatonic in front of their television sets for the next few months as Big Brother, the lowest trough in human evolution, returns to destroy us… again.

The distant rumble of Channel 4’s flagship programme dragging its long-withered corpse somehow managed to evade my attention this year, until I discovered that I’d missed it. Poor me.

Recently, I witnessed one of Leeds’ finest bands play to an almost empty room. As far as the wasteland of UK guitar music goes, O Fracas stand heads above the usual ‘indie’ gash. But people would rather gawk at a house full of egocentric morons, with less value to the world than Zimbabwe’s currency, than witness something creative and interesting.

But this is where we are. I'm sure Orwell would have loved it.

Welcome to Art Fist.

This was originally published in Art Fist magazine, 2008.

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