Monday, 10 September 2012

Art: Interview with 'Cix'

Interview by Jon Cronshaw

Jon Cronshaw speaks to CIX, an artist who produces art by using Rubik’s Cubes to create pop-art images of well-known personalities.

Jon: When did you start making art using Rubik’s cubes?

CIX: I started earlier this year, after being inspired by the works of “Invader” a French artist, who makes mosaics and Rubik’s cube art based on Space Invaders and computer characters. I was fascinated by his ideas, and wanted to learn more about it. I studied techniques of how to create these pieces and thought as a hobby I would try and produce my own.

Jon: Why Rubik’s cubes?

CIX: I was a youth in the 80’s and Rubik’s cubes were a part of growing up. I found them quite iconic of the generation, and through the technological boom of the last couple of decades, it is now commonplace to have virtually all pictures made out of pixels. Given the fact that a Rubik’s cube can be easily manipulated to give any combination of the six colours, once the basic concept is understood, it seemed a perfect medium to create a modern contemporary form of art.

Jon: Are all the works portraits of celebrities?

CIX: My first collection was named “Icon Divas” as I wanted to create something that would be recognised by young and old. I used my wife, nephews, nieces and
mother-in-law as a sounding board for my drafts to gauge their responses, before committing to each piece. It was Elvis, I have Nelson Mandella, James Dean, and my own version of Andy Warhol’s Marylin Monroe. I didn’t want my pieces to be ambiguous; I wanted them to be instantly recognizable, as it can sometimes difficult to work out a subject from a mass of pixels.

Jon: Have you pushed the concept any other directions?

CIX: I am relatively new to this, and have therefore not had the time to develop it much further. I do think that there is an avenue to do commissions, and it is something I would love to pursue. However, it is very partner for a silver wedding anniversary, or simply of someone that they admire or love.

Jon: Can you tell us a little bit about your background/other work/aims etc?

CIX: My background is more as an art lover than as an artist. However I have loved doing my pieces over the last year, and have found doing them both therapeutic and challenging. It is something I love doing, though due to the cost of the raw materials (each portrait is made from about 400 Rubik’s cubes, and costs around £300 to make), I am unable to produce pieces ad nauseum. So my future in this art medium will be ultimately dictated by whether there is any market for it. Having completed my “Iconic Divas” collection, I would love to do a collection of Leaders through the ages, so watch this space...

This article was originally published in Art Fist issue 4.

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